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Innovations Marketing Group is a creations and inventions company. As the patent holders of the internal balloon sealing system, what today does not exist we can make it possible to include: new and creative ideas, inflatables for premiums/promotions, and toys.

Promote your company’s brand and imagine the possibilities and we will create your next promotional needs with your own line of Custom inflatable masks, visors, and coolies.

We can develop and manufacture any inflatable product that you might need. Our products include: inflatable masks, visors, hats, coolies, ties, bows, pitchforks and more…

Innovations Marketing Group can provide you with affordable incentive alternatives to the commonly used promotions. If you market food/beverages, services or entertainment we can create any face, animal, monster, character, shape, company mascot, and logos for you.

Our products are reusable and feature a self-sealing valve that allows easy inflation and deflation. An elastic strap holds the products in place; one size fits all! The products are very light in weight. Inks used on all our products conform to government standards that relate to children's toys.

Your company name can be printed on any of our existing designs; or request your own custom design of inflatable products! Innovations Marketing Group can create an inflatable to complement your promotions. Join some of the leaders and take advantage of this innovative fun product.

With custom inflatables you can replace the traditional round latex balloon. Until now, custom inflatable shapes were not possible for mass promotions. Today, users are able to inflate themselves with the patented self–sealing valve.

With bright and colorful inflatables your customers will constantly be reminded of your product and/or service. Give Innovations Marketing Group a try!

Innovations Marketing Group / 12044 Miramar Parkway, Miramar, FL 33025 USA.

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