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Our products are reusable and feature a self-sealing valve that allows easy inflation and deflation by the end user. An elastic strap holds the mask in place, and prevents tangling of hair; one size fits all! All our inflatable products are very light in weight, and well ventilated. Innovations Marketing Group’s investment in patents, trademarks, R&D and marketing has earned it a worldwide licensing right. We can control the uniqueness of your promotion. Your competitors will never have a similar product. All materials and inks used on all our products conform to government standards that relate to children's toys. Custom inflatables are uniquely replacing the traditional round latex balloon. Until now, small shapes were not possible for mass promotions because they required factory inflation and sealing. With bright and colorful inflatables your customers will constantly be reminded of your product and/or service.

Marketing with inflatable promotional products
With the ability to translate an advertisement into a tangible item, the effects of advertising with inflatable promotional products go beyond those of other methods in the advertising arena. In fact, research shows that 84 percent of consumers remember an advertiser based on a promotional product they received and 42 percent had a more favorable image of a advertiser after receiving a promotional item. Like any successful advertising campaign, the purpose of using promotional items is to get your message seen and attract potential consumers. At Innovations Marketing Group, we have the tools to help you choose the right promotional product for your needs and customize it for your audience.

A new breed of promotional products company
Your company name can be printed on any of our existing designs; or request your own design of inflatable products! We can create any mask as requested to fit your needs. Our visor series can be designed on the top half of the visor so that the pop-up is customized. If you own the rights to a licensed character or product, InflatablePartyMask.com can create an inflatable to complement your promotions or as part or your retail offering. Even photographs can be made into distinctive inflatables. Increased name recognition, brand expressions, custom/brand loyalty. Be the first to take advantage of this innovative product.

A promotional company you can trust
When you choose Innovations Marketing Group, you get a full-service marketing agency to guide you through the entire promotional product buying experience, whether it's helping you develop your creative marketing strategy or finding new and unique promotional items that fit your brand and image. Today, users are able to inflate our products thanks to our new patented self-sealing valve; making it possible for companies to use small inflatable shapes as part of their advertising campaigns. We offer the highest quality and stand by our products, ensuring your order is exactly as you approved it. You can trust Innovations Marketing Group to take your brand or product to the next level!

A large selection of inflatable promotional items
With our wide range of inflatable promotional masks, visors, coolies, pitchforks, hats, crowns, we have the perfect solution for you! We've worked with organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, be part of the companies which use our products: Budweiser®, Miller Lite®, Bacardi®, McDonald’s®, Kellogg’s®, Coca-Cola®, Looney Tunes®, Nickelodeon®, Claro®, Cartoon Network, and other name brands. Whether you need a promotional product for an upcoming event, we can help you find the perfect product at the best cost.

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